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Port State Control

Port state control (PSC) is required to inspect and check the foreign ships. The foreign ships are surveyed thoroughly in national ports. They are responsible to check the condition of the ships. The condition of the ships is checked that whether they fulfill the regulations internationally and that the ship is maintained properly according to the rules and regulations. IMO’s important convention is to inspect the ships when they reach the foreign ports so it can be ensured that they meet IMO requirements.

It has been seen that these inspections are very useful and effective. First they were originated as a backup to flag state implementation. But as time passed by its usefulness was noticed by everyone. If the inspections are done properly with complete co-ordination it is goof as the ship would not only visit one port but before it returns it would go through various other ports too of other countries and so the inspections need to be co ordinate.

The co-ordination helps that the ships are inspected accordingly. There could be many ships but their time and delay also is the responsibility. The inspection has to be carried out in such a way that the ships are not delayed. The standards of the ship are maintained by the flag state but the duty of port states is to provide a safety net so that they know about the ships which are below standards and does not maintain the class and standard.

The establishment of regional port state control organizations and agreements on port state control has been encouraged by IMO. Memoranda of Understanding has been signed which covers all of the world’s oceans: Europe and the north Atlantic (Paris MoU); Asia and the Pacific (Tokyo MoU); Latin America (Acuerdo de Viña del Mar); Caribbean (Caribbean MoU); Wes