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ShipSurvey is owned and operated by IMO & Marine Surveys Pte Ltd of Singapore. ShipSurvey is the premier Marine Survey and Services company operating from ASIA.

Our Services encompass the following:

Inventory of Hazardous Materials Survey ( IHM Survey )
Green Passport Surveys
Asbestos Surveys
Asbestos Removals – Licensed and Qualified
Noise Surveys
Vibration Surveys

There are different functions of ship survey relating to the marine life and the services associated with them. Their function is to provide professional and dedicated people to the different vessels in all ports. The teams are very responsible and perform their duties with expertise. They look after every vessel and check thoroughly that they are surveyed properly. The teams know about their deadlines and try to meet them as scheduled. All the reports made by ship survey are made in an efficient manner. They have to meet all the guidelines, rules and regulations of IMO and Safety of life at sea (SOLAS). Ship survey is responsible to make reports according to the requirements of the different class and company. They try to satisfy and match the requisites of everyone.


All the vessels which are over 500 GT they need to have i