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Inventory of Hazardous Material(IHM)

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Inventory of Hazardous Materials

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In order to send a ship to be recycled, it is important that every vessel has its own inventory of hazardous materials. Also known as the Green Passport, this requirement is made mandatory by the Hong Kong Convention. The concept of the convention was first brought forward at a conference which was held in Hong Kong back in 2009. Led by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a reputable agency of the United Nations, the diplomatic conference was attended by numerous delegates belonging to 63 countries of the world.

Hazardous Materials

It is said that by 2015, the convention will become obligatory as a result of which all vessels having a weight of over 500GT will have to possess an inventory as a must.

The main aim of the inventory is to guard those who might be at risk due to hazardous materials present on the ship. Those