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Regulation & The IMO

The development of the Hong Kong Convention


In order to ensure that all ships were recycled in a safe and secure manner, the Hong Kong International Convention adopted the concept from a conference that took place in Hong Kong in the mid of 2009. At a glimpse, the conference catered to delegates from over 63 countries and was held for a period of five days beginning on 11th May, 2009 and ending on 15th May, 2009.

The convention as mentioned earlier takes pride in ensuring that the ships that have served to their last possibility and are on the verge of being recycled should not be further used for it may pose hazards to thoseĀ  involved in the operations of such a vessel.

Besides bringing about safe recycling methods, the convention is the platform which caters to all issues that may arise regarding the recycle. Common issues that the convention is observed to have addressed include the sale of ships in scrap and the harmful substances present therein and other substances such as hydrocarbons which may pose hazards to the environment and thereby the ozone layer. The Hong Kong Convention also sees to all questions that are raised regarding the health safety of those working at ship recycling factories or centers.

Moreover, other concerns that the new convention successfully covered include the manufacturing of vessels in such a manner that they are safe to recycle, the methods for hassle free recycling of ships, certification and reports of recycling and conducting the recycle without harming the environment or the people living therein.

In order to obtain entry to the Hong Kong Convention for the recycling of the ship, it is obligatory for the ship to possess an invento