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Noise Survey & Vibration

Along with our many other specialization, noise survey and vibration control is the foremost. It has been determined that sustained sound levels greater than 90DB can cause deafness and vibration can compromise precision of onboard instruments and human health. The importance of noise and vibration control is becoming important day by day to prevent permanent damages.


Ship Survey offer full range of sea trial services and diagnostic surveys to solve on board noise and vibration problems. Our main objectives are improvement of passenger’s comfort, increment of the ships performance and increment of life of the ship.


For noise survey and vibration control, our services include measurements of airborne noise, vibration testing, underwater radiated noise testing and sonar self noise testing, reduction of hull and structural vibration, shock isolation and on board equipmental noise and vibration control.


ShipSurvay works in a systematic and professional way. We first determine the source of noise and vibration then the path of transmission is determined. After gaining all the information we need we apply appropriate methods to reduce noise and vibration. The techniques we use include finite element technique, strain measurement and many more.


We provide our expert professional services in Australia and all over Southeast Asia.



IMO noise regulations

IMO stands for International Maritime Organization known as the inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization was established in Geneva in 1984. It