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Noise & Vibration

Noise Survey


Vibration & On-board Acoustics

Ship Survey offers a wide variety of surveys and sea trial services in the areas of vibration and acoustics, having an extensive experience in the assessment and control of the two aboard marine structures.


Hull & Structural Vibration

They have the ability to assess the dynamic characteristics of subsystems, such as engine foundations, surrounding hull, radio masts and funnels using Finite Element (FE) techniques and measurements of modal characteristics and response shapes as well as strain measurements.



With the help of Shock isolation, ship designers’ create effects on loads with equipment and local structure resulting from underwater explosions and wave impact. Undertaking key elements such as shock mount selection, configuration or assessments through analysis and testing.


Shipboard Noise Control

Many onboard systems such as the main propulsion engines induce noise and vibration in accommodations and working areas like engine rooms, bridges, etc. Ship Survey utilises state-of-the-art methods to assess noise and vibration throughout the ship and its environment in order to ensure that specifications are met, eliminating any disturbances.


Relevant treatments include absorptive materials, damping compounds, floating floors and bulkheads, enclosures, vibration isolation and silencers. In addition, Ship Survey performs analysis and assessment of noise generated by High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) systems. This includes the actua