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ShipSurvey is able to supply a range of Marine Survey and services to the Marine industry. Our dedicated staff are able to cover global locations directly from our central base in Singapore.

  • Inventory of Hazardous Materials –Green Passport.

    • Asbestos Removal, Surveys & Testing.


    • Marine Insulation applications of all disciplines and including refractory repairs.


    • Noise and Vibration surveys


    • Fabrication and design of sheet metal including exhaust cladding and installation of trunking and ducting.


    • Acoustic and fire protection to bulkheads and deckheads


    • Thermal insulation and cladding systems to exhausts and pipe work.


    • Interior panel fit out.


    • Acoustic and thermal insulation to vent trucking.


    • Chilled insulation to pipework and chiller rooms.