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Tank Cleaning

Ship Survey Tank Cleaning Services


Ship Survey is a renowned Tank Cleaning service that provides the best quality cleansing and perfection for vessels operating in Asian Waters. Ranging from a variety of cleaning processes, Ship Survey provides cleanliness to another level, including high pressure cleansing of tanks, vessels, bliges, industrial machinery, vaccum loading, liquid waste collection and waste treatment. With special care given to the factors and preparation needed to fulfill the job to its very best, this service can guarantee the desired results expected by all consumers.


With an established name, Ship Survey has a professional team who take special care of the needs and requirements of their customers. Considering the many crucial factors needed to result in a positive outcome, these professionals keep in mind the product properties of the product to be cleaned, surrounding conditions, availability of stock and equipment, as well as the requirements of the product to be loaded in the next cargo; avoiding potential adverse affects from adjacent cargos, tank rejections and other potentional haphazards during the operation.


Two major cleanliness standards are to be distinguished that define chemical shipping i.e. Water White Standard and High Purity Standard, both of which define chemical shipping and are of top priority in the process. Water White Standard defines visually clean, dry and odor-free cleansing, eliminating the need of a wall wash. High Purity Standard is used for fragile loading cargoes that have a high risk of becoming contaminated due to pollution such as products applied in food processing (Food Grade) or in Pharma Production (USP).